Power Products and Packages

We prefer to supply and install well-known brands that will provide you with 10-15 years of trouble -free service.
Prices include GST and standard single-storey installation.
Full terms and conditions are available on request.

We supply components manufactured by well-known and long established organisations.
Manufacturer backed warranties are typically 5-10 years.
Warranties on panels are 10-12 years with performance warranties up to 25 years.

Choosing Solar Panels

We often get asked what a Tier 1 solar panel is. It is often quite common to hear the term used when choosing a brand of solar panel.

The Tier 1 ranking scale is put together by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation and can be used as a guide by residential consumers seeking a list of independently reviewed solar panel manufacturers.

It should be noted the Tier 1 list criteria is associated with financial stability and bankability usually for large utility scale solar PV projects. Bloomberg defines a Tier 1 solar manufacturer as those, “which have provided products to three different projects financed non-recourse by three different (non-development) banks, in the past two years. This selection criterion was defined as modules used in non-recourse financed projects have already been evaluated by commercial banks, and therefore proved to meet their strict quality standards.

The point for the everyday consumer is a large financial organization such as Bloomberg is able to conduct thorough due diligence checks on panel manufacturers and is therefore able to provide a transparent opinion about the financial stability and product quality than any individual consumer could.

Apart from pure financial stability of the manufacturer a Tier 1 solar panel quality is also enhanced by its manufacturing process. Bloomberg ensures that only solar panel manufacturers that own their own manufacturing facility can be included. The manufacturing should be ‘vertically integrated’ - that is all the manufacturing is done in-house.

Only approximately 5% of panel manufacturers achieve Tier 1 ranking so do your homework if a retailer claims the panel they are offering is a Tier 1 panel.