1How many solar panels do I need?
As a guide, for a typical residence you can install anywhere from 8 to 22 solar panels. If you have low power bills (<$200), you may want to consider a system of 8 - 10 panels. If your power bills are in the range of $200 - $400, we recommend a system comprising of 12-14 panels. If your power bills are above $400, we suggest a system of 16 - 20 panels.
2What equipment makes up a solar system?
The main parts of a solar system are inverters and solar panels. Equipment used to fasten the panels to your roof, cabling, railing etc. are also required and included in your NextGen Power solar system.
3Where are the solar panels manufactured?
Most solar panels are manufactured in China and some are made in Korea and Germany. All of the panels we supply are from manufacturers such as Jinko Solar and Canadian Solar, who produce quality products and have been successfully operating in Australia and around the world for many years.
4What inverter should I purchase?
Inverters come in many sizes. Most family-sized systems consist of a 5 kilowatt inverter. This inverter size provides enough output to make a meaningful difference to most homes' energy costs. Limiting the inverter size to 5kw also enables you to qualify for the feed-in tariff, which is a credit your electricity retailer provides for excess solar power exported back to the grid.
5What inverter brand should I purchase?
We prefer to install quality brands that have proven themselves over the years. European brands such as Fronius and SMA are very well-known in the market and have proven to be very reliable. A good inverter costs a little more ($500 - $1000) but over the expected lifetime of the system it works out to be only a few dollars per week.
6What approvals do I need?
NextGen Power arranges the approvals you will need. Usually, this consists of approvals from your energy retailer and the network operator. If you provide us with a recent power bill, we can use this information to arrange the approvals. This process takes 2 weeks depending on your location.
7How much will solar save me?
Most customers see a significant reduction in their power bill of 30% - 40%. Most solar systems will pay for themselves within 5-6 years, sometimes sooner.
8How long has NextGen Power been in business?
NextGen Power has been in business since July 1 2015.
9Who does your installation work?
NextGen Power only uses Clean Energy Council accredited installers. We prefer to use experienced installers who take the time to study your energy use patterns, roof design and budget to come up with a tailored solution that will provide many years of successful operation. NextGen Power provides a whole system warranty of 5 years on the system installation.