Top Reasons to Install Solar

1. Superior Financial returns

The average power bill in Australia is around $200 per month. Installing a solar energy system will produce a return well above other forms of investment. Most of our clients see a reduction in their power bills of 30%-40%, with some achieving even better results than this.

2. Government incentives

Government financial incentives are still in place. For example, STC’s (Small Scale Energy Certificates) are created when you install a renewable energy system. These certificates are worth real money, and your solar retailer will usually offset the up-front cost of your system by the value of these certificates. For example, if the gross value of your solar system is $8000, the final price you pay may be around $4200 due to the value of the STC’s (approx. $3800 based on a 6.6 kilowatt system). It is worth noting that the government financial incentive reduces every year on December 31, and will be phased out completely in approximately 10 years.

3. Environmental benefits

Most of the world’s electricity is still being produced from burning coal, which produces a lot of carbon-dioxide that contributes to the greenhouse effect and global warming. A standard 6.6 kilowatt solar system installed in your home will provide significant environmental benefits, resulting in:

  • 200 trees planted per year or;
  • 3284 litres of petrol being burnt or;
  • 3732kg of coal being burnt every year.

4. Avoid possible future solar restrictions

Solar is enormously popular in Australia with some 2 million systems installed. Grid operators are beginning to see too much solar produced in the grid at certain times of the day and year. Grid operators are making moves to control your solar system remotely, or limit the number and size of systems in certain areas. Getting in early will reduce your chances of missing out.

5. Low running costs

Solar systems require very little maintenance. It is a good idea to occasionally check with your solar retailer if the system is performing as expected. NextGen Power can remotely monitor your system, with service reports being emailed automatically, so we can attend to any faults very quickly.

6. Australia is well-placed to benefit from renewable energy

Compared to many countries, Australia has an abundance of solar and wind. We also have a lot of single storey, detached houses, with plenty of roof-space for solar panels. We also use a lot of air-conditioning and have a lot of swimming pools. By having the A/C and the pool running during the day you can make the most of the sunshine we enjoy.