Solar Panels

What are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are an important component of a solar system responsible for turning light energy energy from the sun into direct-current electricity. A solar iPV nverter will then turn this electricity into AC (alternating current), which can be used by your home appliances.

Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 Panels

The quality of solar panel manufacturers can be broadly categorised into 3 different tiers: tier one, two or three. Tier 1 solar panels are manufactured by the largest and usually most finacial companies in the solar market.

"Tier 1 solar module manufacturers are defined as those that:

  • Have been producing solar panels for 5 years or more
  • Publicly listed on a stock exchange or have a strong and stable balance sheet
  • Have fully-automated production and a high degree of vertical integration
  • Invest significantly in marketing their brand
  • Have a highly regarded reputation within the industry for quality and service"

Our Tier 1 Brands

NextGen Power only installs Tier 1 panels, so you can rest assured your getting the best on the market. This includes Jinko Solar,Longi Solar, JA Solar and other Tier 1 brands. To learn more about our Tier 1 Brands, click here.

How much will I save with my solar system?

How much you will save with your solar system depends on a variety of factors, including: 1. The quality fo your solar system. Some brands of inverter and panels are more efficient than others. 2. Time of use. This is often the most important factor. If you can change your power consumption to daytime and minimise power use at night you will achieve the best results. We can provide you with monitoring software that will help you fine-tune this process.

Solar Panel Warranties

There are generally two types of solar panel warranties:

  • Product warranties - In the case of a malfunction, the product will be replaced. This is the most important element of your warranty.
  • Performance warranties - An assurance that the solar panels will perform to a certain level of efficiency for a particular period of time. Currently, the industry standard for performance warranties is 25 years

To learn more about warranties, click here.